Award Show Season

It’s officially award show season and with that comes fashion, fashion, and more fashion. It’s exciting to see what each celebrity plans to bless the red carpet with and who will come away with best or worst dressed. According to Harper’s Bazaar, some of the current trends include frills and layers, earth tones, and bird like apparel. To each his own. I’m looking forward to seeing what celebrities will wear for this years Grammy Awards even though I have no intent to watch the actual award show itself. I’ll actually be watching the Red Carpet so I can later form an opinion on best and worst dressed. Let’s get into it!


"Oui" Necklace: Forever 21

T-Shirt: Wet Seal

Kimono Cardigan: Forever 21

Jeans:Forever 21

Boots: Forever 21

Turban: Beauty Supply

me and Jordan! SSP oh yeah oh yeah!! One of the most hilarious people ever

Me and Myron. Shout out to him for putting me on with the show.  I really had a good time and it's definitely an awesome experience

Me and Kortlynn my mentor for SSP and now we're on the show together! Throwing shade #GirlPower lol

Me and Seanil! I met him on the show and sad that he's leaving. Really sweet guy

Marlon ol crazy self.  He is literally one of the FUNNIEST people I've met in my WHOLE entire life.  He keeps me rollin.

Kendra! Me her on the show too.  I admire her work ethic and so goofy lol. She keeps me laughing. #GirlPower