Terrence J Signs with Sean Jean for “Dream Big” Fall & Holiday 2014Campaign

Terrence J for Sean John

My future husband, Terrence J, can now add modeling to his forever expanding resume!  Yesterday, he announced on his Instagram that he signed with Diddy for his Sean John "Dream Big" Fall & Holiday 2014 campaign.

Watching his story is truly an inspiration for me!  I definitely admire his hustle.  I believe he made the PERFECT transition as a talk show host.  He started at 106 and Park as a goofy, cute, boy and smoothly made his way to E! News as a sophisticated, funny, respected, black man.

He's in films, has a book, has an endorsement with JEEP (just to name a few of his accomplishments), and now he's with Sean John.  The hustle is real with him.  I definitely respect people who can monopolize on an opportunity.  He didn't waste any time.  When he see's a chance to grow, he takes it and catapults to the next level. 

This is only the beginning with Terrence.  An empire is coming.


to check out me & Terrence's phone call


"Oui" Necklace: Forever 21

T-Shirt: Wet Seal

Kimono Cardigan: Forever 21

Jeans:Forever 21

Boots: Forever 21

Turban: Beauty Supply

me and Jordan! SSP oh yeah oh yeah!! One of the most hilarious people ever

Me and Myron. Shout out to him for putting me on with the show.  I really had a good time and it's definitely an awesome experience

Me and Kortlynn my mentor for SSP and now we're on the show together! Throwing shade #GirlPower lol

Me and Seanil! I met him on the show and sad that he's leaving. Really sweet guy

Marlon ol crazy self.  He is literally one of the FUNNIEST people I've met in my WHOLE entire life.  He keeps me rollin.

Kendra! Me her on the show too.  I admire her work ethic and so goofy lol. She keeps me laughing. #GirlPower